Launched by the GMVL, our project is also based on the close collaboration with four partners.
Resolutely anchored in the north of the Mediterranean sea (let’s take a geographic license for a more poetic result !), it gathers learning and research centers, artists, festivals and universities between four countries.

In France, the GMVL managed the whole project. The association is based in Lyon for more than thirty years now and is reference regarding electroacoustic music. Teaching, creation, production, research and publishing are its main activities. Bernard Fort heads the structure, his specialty is the naturalist soundscape…

In continental Italy, in the beautiful city of Firenze, TEMPO REALE contributes its expertise to the project. Among the major centers dedicated to electroacoustic musics, the association provide education, concerts, while remaining a research laboratory.

Let’s swim toward islanders Italian people : the AMICI DELLA MUSICA DI CAGLIARI. Beyond their teaching and research activities (that led to the STRATI software), the Sardinian team produce music artists in particular during their festival (September).

What about the East End of the project ? The Ionian University, based in Corfu, has a laboratory dedicated to electroacoustic music – EPHMEE -, a third partner of ours. The university team broadens our vision of the project by bringing the ecological issue in and deepening its educational character.

On the West Coast, in Seia, Portugal, the Associação de Fomento do Ensino Artístico programs and organizes its nomadic music festival. The association is a teaching place, provide an artistic residency center to musicians and composers and produces music. AFEA and its festival Dias de Música Electroacústica promote electroacoustic music worldwide.