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Field Recordings


The context: our Erasmus+ Project “The Soundscape we live in”

The aim of this soundwalk: a collective location scouting of the Vaise neighbourhood (Lyon) during a three focus points promenade.

The annonciation church -Lyon Vaise, starting point, end of the day – ©Patrick Mathon

We are eight people, including sound artists, students, District Council members, a person involved in the “Sentiers métropolitainS” project…

This first soundwalk is a naked ear listening, without any recording or listening device.

The listening focuses last between 15 and 20 minutes, quietly, in one sitting. Afterward, they’re commented during our walks between the listening points and at the end of the path.

It is 6:30 PM, the night has come, the weather is beautiful and warm for this time of the year.

Before starting, a little briefing : what is at stake, with the european soundscapes? Why did I choose a soundwalk? What is its place in the project?…

While walking, Vaise Station – ©Patrick Mathon

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On the fourth day, we went behind the walls of a prison, the Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano. We met the Orkestra Ristretta and its leader Massimo Altomare.


The Orkestra Ristretta began in 2007, Tempo Reale started to administratively help in 2013.


Massimo created a first band of twelve musicians at the heart of this building where 700 prisoners live (including 500 born abroad). They play hits but also original compositions.


Since then, he organizes auditions and starts the band again every year depending on the people still or newly imprisoned. During those auditions, he seeks after “men with a good ear, already musicians or not, with a good ear for music” as he says.


The Orkestra Ristretta is strongly rooted in rock for sure. But as men sing in their own language and with (spoken and sang) accents, the band’s style is a patchwork of rap, italian music, latina music, Northern and West Africa music … On stage you can see the drummer, the percussionist playing Conga, the two guitarists, the keyboarder and some singers/rappers exchanging verses.

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