Parc de la Tête d’Or

Alarm-clock : 6 AM.
Snooze 1.
Snooze 2.
I put a sweater on.
my sweater is upside down. let me start again.
6:18AM, I pick my zoom up.
6:22AM, I get on my bike and go straight to the front door of the park.
the weather is cool.
6:29AM, I get into the park.

I’m on my own for this soundwalk – this is no surprise given the early hour.

I take this opportunity to record some sounds, that proved to be very fruitful.

I’m a little late for a morning soundwalk, but it is the City’s fault. The sun rises around 5:52AM those days, and the park opening hour isn’t adapted to the sunrise yet.

What a shame.

Still, the park is completely empty and the large green areas are beautiful that way.

no neon pink joggers yet, no fluo yellow rugby players screaming when they’re made plate.

Everything is green and the grey tones are superb thanks to the covered sky.

I head for the west.

firstly, I was curious about the zoo.

unfortunately, I run into a closed fence. oh well.

back to the giraffes, still asleep.

during the next hour and a half I try to follow the smallest and densest trails I can find.

The vast areas aren’t noisy for the moment.

I found several good singer there.

assisted by a choir of turtledoves and a rooster clearly having a good time.

But it remains an urban park. in the distance I can hear the bustle of the highway.

nearer, the vacuum truck makes a travelling from the left to the right during my sound recording.

Surprisingly, the electric truck’s tone harmonizes with the rooster call.

sound recordings after sound recordings, the calm is more and more broken by the walkers, joggers and cyclists arriving.

I even get honked by a gardener in his tractor, as I stopped to record in the middle of the path! Quite nice for a sound surprise in the midst of the recording of a little bird singing a lot and quickly.

Before going back to my blanket, I stop by the lake to observe the gooses away.

they suddenly get curious when they spot me, and approach me in a big V, swim toward me until they’re really close. In a perfect ballet move, they stop, observe me, reverse the direction of their V, observe me again, get bored and leave after the leader’s call, still in an impeccable move. Oh

what a beautiful place.