© Philippe Joannin

Field recording : what is that ? You’ll find two activities at the very heart of our project : field recordings and sound creations… First ones send our composers and researchers on the spot, second ones put them in studio. First, we go chasing sounds surrounding us, microphone in hand. Ear-Accounting for our soundscapes and heritage : here is our mission. Then, from this plethora of sounds yet to come, the artists will show us their creativity : you will see how they can mix various sound horizons.

Let’s go !

The 7th and 14th of February 2017, the GMVL team starts its pursuit of universes, ambiances and sounds specific to Lyon. Atmospheres to which one could listen and record to… One? More likely they! Indeed, every expedition, passed and to come, is wide open to the public.

The 7th, the Canuts’ House (Maison des Canuts) opens its doors to Marc Favre, along with Gilles, Jérémy and Philippe. They’ve been received by Philibert Varenne in order to observe the Canuts’ traditional work on the weaving looms with their ears and eyes. They witnessed a well-known Lyon heritage that still reveals some sound surprises!

One week later, it is Gilles Malatray’s turn to go down Lyon 9th district’s streets and docks. Founder of Des arts sonnants, he takes an opposing view : he doesn’t neither hunt nor looks for sounds. On the contrary, he lets his and our ears wander around, lets them be aware of Soundscapes we live in (wink wink). His soundwalks encourage to slow down, to really listen and discover some sides of our every-day life that we still ignore!

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